Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The Devil Himself invented Pilates!  Oh my goodness, it hurts to laugh today.  Now that does not mean I will not go back, I think Pilates will defiantly get my belly in bikini shape, by does it have to hurt so much?!?  I am most grateful the class schedule only allows me to go to one class a week.
Yesterday for breakfast I made a delicious vanilla polenta from Joy the Baker I followed her advice and put the leftovers in a loaf pan then for dessert last night I fried a slice (or two) in butter and served it with ice cream…  Mmmmmmm…  I love Joy, I wish my blog be as great as hers when it grows up.
That is all I have to say today, it hurts to raise my arms enough to type.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Had a day off

So I took yesterday off of everything but my job.  No gym, no blog, no crochet…  It was good then but today I feel like I wasted the evening, I have to learn to get over that.

I am still working on the Prayer Shawl for my friend; I realized yesterday that she is also expecting her first grandbaby in January.  I had hoped to knit an afghan for the baby but I think I may be running short on time with everything else I have on the go.  I think I may just do up a few simple baby quilts on the sewing machine instead.  I take a meter each of coordinating baby flannel and quilt them together, it is simple, quick and it can be the blanket that the child drags around with them everywhere as it washes like a dream.

Today I am back to working on my tasks, I have already mopped the floor, I have to work today, then to the gym tonight for Pilates and afterwards work on the Prayer Shawl.
Hope everyone is having a great day!