Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The Devil Himself invented Pilates!  Oh my goodness, it hurts to laugh today.  Now that does not mean I will not go back, I think Pilates will defiantly get my belly in bikini shape, by does it have to hurt so much?!?  I am most grateful the class schedule only allows me to go to one class a week.
Yesterday for breakfast I made a delicious vanilla polenta from Joy the Baker I followed her advice and put the leftovers in a loaf pan then for dessert last night I fried a slice (or two) in butter and served it with ice cream…  Mmmmmmm…  I love Joy, I wish my blog be as great as hers when it grows up.
That is all I have to say today, it hurts to raise my arms enough to type.
Have a great day!

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