Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Blogosphere,

So bikini shopping today was a bit of a bust… Apparently the selection in Canada at the end of October is slim, but the very nice little girl who helped me said they were receiving the winter line in a few weeks. I am unsure of what a “winter” bikini is but I am willing to try one on.

The good news story for today is I have started the process to replace all the floors on my main level of my home! YEAH. The flooring is on order and the work begins 3rd week of November.  I will post before and after pictures.

The bad news story for today is I tried to buy more yarn today but alas Michael’s did not have the colour I was looking for… There is always tomorrow.

Tonight is a glass of wine and the National Geographic Channel night. Tomorrow, groceries, Halloween candy shopping, hopefully some new yarn and an afternoon of baking and soup making. I may have to make a roast of something as it is currently snowing here in Carleton Place and it seems to be staying. Sigh.

Here (finally) are a few pictures of 3 projects.  I am really not that good at taking pictures of my finished work, that changes today!

Happy Halloween all...  Question:  Is it wrong to give out knitting needles and yarn in lieu of candy?

This is a baby blanket I designed and made for a friend.  I love the bubble stitches.

A plum cabled toque for a co-worker who lives in chilly Winnipeg. There was to be a scarf as well but my puppies decided that the toque was enough (they like yarn as much as I do).
Yes another toque… Hey this is Canada, we need toques! This one was a favourite pattern, it is easy-peasy to knit. I used an alpaca wool blend yarn and it was a dream to use.

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